Dillon Rangel

I'm Dillon and I do cool stuff with computers. Specifically my interests are in ransomware, social engineering, reverse engineering, and maldocs. My work has ranged from risk assessment to red teaming with custom maldocs to proof of concept ransomware development. Malware deliberately unpublished.

I did some research and wrote a paper on using an LCD monitor as a way to wirelessly transmit ASCII, abstract below.

This paper shows the feasibility of a morse-type encoding and decoding scheme to allow data extraction to occur from an air-gapped network via electromagnetic radiation emanations within the AM radio frequency spectrum. Much previous research in this area focused on CRT monitors as a leakage source for EMR. This paper addresses the reality that the vast majority of computer monitors in use today, are LCDs. The tools released with this paper are designed as a simple proof-of-concept with room for improvement.

In my personal time, I like to play chess, guitar, and ski.